Monday, February 3, 2014

Max Steel Storyboards - Truckstop (Bonus Clip)

Here are the storyboards I directed / drew for this Max Steel short, Truck Stop.  While working on these, I had total, free reign to tell the stories the way I wanted.. and of all of them, this was my favourite. It allowed me to really show some cool action shots and camera choices.

Originally, I had the boy at the end cry because his balloon popped AND his ice cream fell and NOT because there was a truck gonna run him down... !  I also boarded the ending with a bunch of balloons flying into the sky, but whenever something doesn't make the final cut, I'm never upset -- the entire animation process is a collaborative effort - although my choice of an interracial female couple with an adopted son DID make the cut! Yay!  Fun Times!

The final animation can be seen here:  Max Steel - Truck Stop

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